Frequently asked questions

We know that exercising options can be complex, expensive and time sensitive.  In most cases it has to be done within 90 days of leaving your company or the options expire and are lost.  Paying for your options exercise actually makes you a startup investor, in a high-risk environment.

At Robyn, we are used to risky investments and this opens the door to a win-win partnership for everyone.  We get a great value on a risky investment and you reduce your risk by 100% and are always protected.  Joining forces just makes sense.

You can’t afford the cost of exercising your stock options.

You feel that investing in a startup company is too risky.

You’ve already exercised your options but would like to unlock the value of your stock today, without selling and foregoing potential future value increase.

You are an executive with a large scale options plan and would like to receive a tailored financing to leverage your unique position.

Robyn Capital has the resources to fully fund the process of exercising your options.  However, we know that this might not be right for everyone and we are flexible in offering different structures based on your unique position.

Generally, funding is made under a revenue share model – we fund your options exercise and you become a shareholder in the company.  Robyn Capital is only rewarded if a liquidation event takes place, in which we receive a return of the funding amount and a share of the proceeds, according to the percentages agreed upon.

Robyn Capital is able to provide different deal structures in order to make sure that we both win.  Since we are not adverse to risk – we can also offer attractive loans secured by your options – again, taking all of the risk off of your shoulders.

This is your key advantage to working with Robyn Capital.  We know the risks and are willing to take them.  This means that if there is no exit event, we walk away with nothing and you are debt-free.

When you submit your options or your equity to us, you include a few technical details.  We then evaluate your data and, if your options match our investment strategy, we return to you with an offer within two business days.  We will then be happy to get on a call and explain our offer to you in detail.

The next steps generally include providing your option plan,  signing a basic funding agreement, receiving funds and providing proof of your options exercise

We move fast because we are set up to move fast!

Our strategy is clear cut so getting an answer is just a matter of punching in the numbers

Our resources are waiting to be allocated

Our team is small – no committee and red tape to hold us back

Robyn Capital is a fund – not a marketplace.  We generate personalized offers for each employee and make it our priority to answer your needs and specifications.  We offer financing that helps you leverage your position, seniority and company background while keeping your future upside.

No. The agreement is only between you and Robyn Capital.  The shares will remain fully yours and under your name since this is not a “sale” event – which means that the company’s approval is not needed.

Many startup companies fail – it is inherent in their nature.  When this happens, the company shares lose their value and investors lose all of their invested amount.  This means that the amount invested in exercising options is also lost.

As a fund, we are experienced with this risk and know how to mitigate it by diversifying our portfolio.  Under no circumstances will we seek repayment for our funding from you, should your shares lose all value.

We are not buying your shares, but only funding for your options exercise or fronting you the amount already paid.  You are, and will always remain, a shareholder in the company.

In most cases, Israel does not tax options when they are exercised – rather, during a liquidation event.  This does not apply to US or non-Israeli citizens who might encounter different taxation laws in their home country – we have some practice with this and will be happy to help you navigate this area as well.

Since each agreement is personalized, the amount that Robyn Capital will receive from a liquidation event varies.  However, in all cases, we will receive our share only when you are able to sell the shares that we helped you purchase.  This can happen if a company goes public, undergoes a merger and acquisition deal, or if you sell your shares directly in a secondary deal.